Today, any event from a wedding to business training is not complete without the use of multimedia technologies. For example, at the annual Psychologies Day 2019 conference, guests could get acquainted with the world of virtual reality in a special interactive zone. Appollo Digital experts talk about the possibilities of modern equipment and explain why its use increases the effectiveness of any project.

In the Kinematographic Universe of Marvel, one of the episodes unfolds at a large-scale exhibition of scientific and technical achievements Stark Expo. Of course, it is enough to show a huge scene, a bright LED background in the movie, add a few special effects, and the viewer will already be impressed by what is happening. But in reality this is not enough. To effectively present goods or services, you need to use interactive technologies. Appollo Digital proposes various options, which presented the results of its work at the Psychologies Day 2019 conference.

To whom and why interactive equipment needs?

We receive information using all senses. Something is well remembered thanks to vision: both a regular video and virtual reality glasses will help this that allow you to observe any modeled space.

Part of the information is better perceived by ear, and something will be remembered faster with the help of tactile sensations: for example, when interacting with the sensory

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panel of an interactive bar.

The more ways to involve customers you use, the better. Therefore, in the 21st century, the use of only a presswall and banners-banners is already not enough.

The success of the event depends on several factors:

  1. Scenario and program qualities.
  2. Professionalism of the team organizing the event.
  3. Technologies for attracting attention to guests.

The organizing company itself is usually responsible for the implementation of the first two points, and the third point requires the involvement of professionals from the outside. Firstly, in this case, you do not need to purchase expensive professional equipment-you can take it for rent. Secondly, a trained team will independently set up equipment and will track its work until the end of the event.

5 popular types of interactive equipment

The experience of Appollo Digital confirms that the goals of the event can be achieved in two ways: using ready -made solutions or thanks to the development of an individual project. However, regardless of this factor, the most popular interactive equipment includes:

1. Sensory panels – special screens, which use which is as easy as a smartphone or tablet. Panels can be used anywhere: to create information stands in public places (airports, museums, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants), as well as for a visual presentation of information at meetings, presentations or training courses. If necessary, you can make a touch panel of any size, as well as develop a unique interface for it.

2. Video walls – several united displays to which one large image is displayed. Most often, a video wall is used for advertising purposes: to create an interactive showcase, placement of video rejects in a shopping center, creating the background on a small stage. Such devices are seamless and capable of reproducing the image of high resolution.

3. Stand modeling – they are used to demonstrate the work of high -tech equipment, various mechanisms and robotics. Such a stand imitates the visual application of the model. Usually not only a specially trained person can interact with him, but also any visitor to the event.

4. Interactive kiosks and information racks – these are sensory devices, in the case of which the display and computer are fixed. The most common example of using such devices is payment terminals. However, depending on the software, the scope of such racks may be different: on the provision of virtual consultations to the collection of client information. For example, using such an apparatus, you can buy a ticket for an event, book a table in a cafe.

5. Interactive bars. In modern restaurants and nightclubs, as well as at events, bar racks are becoming more and more in demand, the surface of which is a touch display. The information necessary for the customer can be displayed on its surface, while the display is reliably protected from moisture, scratches and light shocks. A bright panel easily fits into any design.

3 trends of interactive technologies

Appollo Digital experts follow modern trends: those technologies that seemed fantastic yesterday can already be used today at various events

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality Places. Even a small site will be enough to immerse the client in a completely different dimension, to present a product or service more effectively. For example, you can arrange a virtual tour of the residential complex under construction or places where access is usually limited. Also, VR and AR technologies can be turned into an entertaining attraction, attracting not only children, but also adults.

2. Non -standard photoactivity. Traditional photo cars are gradually going out of fashion. They are replaced by new technologies: selfie-mirror and installations built on the basis of interactive kiosks, as well as instaprinters printing photos from the social network Instagram (extremist organization banned in Russia). Special attention is deserved by the Bullettime Photosystem. This is a complex of more than ten mirror cameras that fix the removed object from different angles. Then, with the help of special software, the photos are “glued”, and the user receives a 3D effect: you can look at the photo zones from different angles.

3. Holograms. Rotating, a holographic fan can reproduce any image to highlight the client’s product against the background of competitors. Appollo Digital also uses transparent matrices: you can display the necessary image on a special screen and at the same time observe what is happening behind the display. More complex technologies are also popular: holographic cube and pyramid. Inside glass geometric shapes you can reproduce any three -dimensional image.

How Appollo Digital manages to solve customer problems

The successful implementation of interactive technologies in business or a spectacular presentation depends on several factors:

1. Using professional equipment. Appollo Digital not only rents devices and gadgets, but can also create technical devices for the purpose of the client.

2. Development and configuration of software. It depends on the quality of the software code how hard and efficiently all devices will work.

3. Support of the project from the moment of its development to the moment of implementation in the business (or until the end of the event).

4. Team work of specialists of various profiles and control of their work. Professional project management saves the client from solving current problems and guarantees a qualitative result.

5. Complex solutions. The company offers not only typical equipment, but also packages of services.

Today, Appollo Digital can solve any problem in the field of interactive technologies. In the company’s portfolio, cooperation with brands such as Coca-Cola, Leroy Merlin, Mercedes, Sony, Aeroflot, Lukoil, and many others.